PeRIPLO System Description


PeRIPLO is an open-source SAT-solver written in C++, built on MiniSAT 2.2.0., currently released under the GNU General Public Licence.

The tool was born from OpenSMT to provide resolution proof manipulation and interpolant generation routines specifically for SAT-based model checking in FunFrog and eVolCheck.

PeRIPLO accepts as input a SAT benchmark in SMT-LIB2 format. The tool can be used both as a standalone program and as a library; its routines are respectively accessible via configuration file and via API.

Proof Logging and Transformation

If the input benchmark is unsatisfiable, PeRIPLO is able to output a resolution proof of unsatisfiability, in SMT-LIB2 or in DOT format.

The tool allows to manipulate and compress resolution proofs, by means of the following techniques:

  • the Local Transformation Framework of [1] and [2]
  • the Recycle Pivots (with Intersection) method of [3] and [4]
  • a variant of the Lower Units method of [4]
  • a variant of the Structural Hashing method of [5]

An overview of the techniques implemented in PeRIPLO can be found in [9].

Interpolant Generation

PeRIPLO implements the Labeled Interpolation System of [6] to produce interpolants.

The tool allows to generate both single interpolants and sequences of interpolants, addressing the following properties as used in SAT-based model checking:

  • Path Interpolation
  • Simultaneous Abstraction
  • Generalized Simultaneous Abstraction
  • State-Transition Interpolation
  • Tree Interpolation

These properties and their relationship with the Labeled Interpolation System are discussed in [7] and [8].

Future Work

New features and capabilities will be added whenever needed. Comments, suggestions and requests are very welcome at rollinis at .



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