Our Lab is a part of the Informatics Faculty at the University of LuganoThe Lab was established in 2006 when Prof. Sharygina received a career award from the Tasso Foundation. The Lab projects focus on automated formal verification with a particular interest in software/hardware model checking, information security, static analysis, abstract interpretation, and decision procedures. We create both theoretical frameworks and practical tools to enable sound and scalable verification of industrial-size systems.

For questions about the Lab projects contact natasha.sharygina@usi.ch.

We have NEW open PhD and Postdoc positions. For more information, contact natasha.sharygina@usi.ch.

Latest news


The "Loop Summarization using Abstract Transformers" paper was accepted for ATVA2008


We organized "USI-CMU Summer School on Dependable Computer Systems"


Edgar left for a 3 month internship at Microsoft research