OpenSMT compilation for UpProver and HiFrog

Prerequisits: git, cmake, g++ (for Ubunto: sudo apt install git cmake g++, for MAC: brew install git cmake g++) 

OpenSMT: Please clone OpenSMT's repository using git and checkout to the following commit:

     $ git clone
     $ git checkout sri-summer-school

OpenSMT2 uses CMake for the build process. Moreover, a C++ compiler supporting C++11 standard is needed for compilation.

Additional libraries that are expected to be found on your system are:

  • gmp (for Ubuntu: sudo apt-get install libgmp-dev, for MAC: brew install gmp)
  • bison (for Ubuntu: sudo apt-get install bison, for MAC: brew install bison)
  • flex (for Ubuntu: sudo apt-get install flex, for MAC: brew install flex )

After cd to the top-level OpenSMT directory, follow these steps to compile OpenSMT:

Create your build directory and enter it

 $ cd opensmt ;  mkdir build  && cd build

Run CMake with the path to the top-level CMakeLists.txt, optionally specified your build type, e.g.:


If cmake configuration step was successful, you can compile using make

 $ make

 Install the executable on your system (possibly with sudo)

 $ <sudo> make install



** If you need any assistance, please contact me via sepideh.a65[at]