HiFrog Source code repository


If you need to run HiFrog to use theory refinement algorithm, please follow this instruction, otherwise if you need the general functionality of HiFrog please do the following:

1. Configure & install OpenSMT2 with --enable-proof, following the directions in http://verify.inf.usi.ch/opensmt-compilation.

2. Get the git repository of hifrog:

​  $ git clone -b master https://scm.ti-edu.ch/repogit/hifrog

3. Compile the cprover framework in the hifrog repository:

   $ cd hifrog/trunk/cprover/src; make
4. Check the in hifrog/trunk/cprover/src/Makefile and compile hifrog
   $ cd funfrog; make

The git repository we use for HiFrog is hosted at https://scm.ti-edu.ch/projects/hifrog.